​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​"Diamonds in The Sand"

Summer Volleyball Training

​June 4 - August 1st

Summer is a great time to stay involved and continue to improve skills, game strategies,

and become stronger.  Our summer program involves both grass and sand doubles (2 vs. 2), jump, strength, and movement specific training for both boys and girls.  Our trainings are designed to accommodate all ages and levels.  The athletes will be grouped into their appropriate level of play for competition training.  We are excited to announce that we will be offering 3 on 3 for the 12 and under ages at the grass tournaments for more successful play. 

Training in the sand is the best type of strength and jump conditioning that can be offered.  It is the easiest on the body and joints and accelerates muscular strength the fastest along with a proper diet.  Playing doubles on the grass allows a more efficient transfer back into the indoor game.  The training portion will focus on specific muscle components most prominently used in volleyball to strengthen skills.  When the biomechanics are used correctly we create faster reaction time, more efficient passing and defense, advance skills, and develop a more effective approach and arm swing. 

Summer is the perfect break from the stuffy gym and the best way to get ample Vitamin D while athletes improve their indoor game and strength as an athlete.

Training investment is $400 per athlete and includes:

*25 Training sessions of proper mechanical skills, vertical, strength, and movement conditioning guided by experienced high level Coaches of both the indoor and outdoor game of volleyball. 

         Tuesday’s and Thursday’s are intense training nights with a combination of    conditioning, strength training, mechanics, sand and grass competitions.
         Wednesday’s are a recovery day and will be grass only with focus on skills and endurance during competition.  

*Membership for 2019 VolleyNation Grass Season 
*Uniform package with a practice tank top, long sleeve shirt, and a visor
*Dynamic Discount for all grass tournaments and easy registration through Dynamic.  Coaches will be present to assist at the recommended tournaments.  These tournaments help support our local college volleyball programs!  Prizes and medals for the winners of each division at the grass tournaments!  Great opportunity for the athlete to watch the higher levels compete!


*Recommended Tournaments are:

 May 25th Natomas Oaks Park, Sacramento
     June 8th Sierra College Blast, Sierra College

     July 13th American River College Bash, A.R.
     August 3rd American River College Bash #2

         (To view the whole 2019 grass schedule visit volleynation.com)

*Payments start with a $100 non-refundable deposit to hold your summer spot, registration will be complete once deposit has been received. 
$200 due June 4th

$100 due June 27th

Payment options are paypal:


                            Venmo: Melanie-Skinner-5                            

    Check made out to Dynamic and mailed to:
      3880 Baldwin Drive, Placerville, Ca 95667

Tournament  Registration

Grass Tournaments: $25            Sand Tournaments: $35-$45   
    VolleyNation.com                  Precisionsandvolleyball.com

Drop-In Option $25  (Paid before  training)

If you are not around a lot this summer but would like your athlete to continue 
to develop skills and get some good training in when they can, you may pay as you go.
 This option is for any of our practices offered both sand and grass

Punch Card Package is $190
(Due at first session)
Includes: 11 sessions and  a 2019 VolleyNation Membership.  Your athlete may attend any 11 
training sessions offered at any location through out the summer season.  They may
also register themselves in any tournaments, grass or sand if they choose

Private and Small Group Lessons
Will be available by appointment only through Coach Melanie (916)505-5164


June 4 – August 1  (NO trainings week of July 4th)


Tuesday’s & Thursday’s: Almond Park, Orangevale
  Wednesday’s:  Christa McAuliffe Park, Cameron Park

Wednesday's All levels 6:30-8:30PM
Tue. & Thur. Beginners 4:30-6:30 Intermediate/Advance 6:30-8:30pm


Optional nutritional package at $90 per athlete. We are offering nutritional guidelines and extra recovery day works outs for all athletes interested in elevating their game by eating more correctly, leaning out, and learning how to stay healthy as an athlete! This will benefit your athlete to be at their top performance for their school season as well. It’s the persistence for a couple months that really makes it beneficial.    Athletes will report to Coach Melanie and maintain a food journal throughout the summer.​


Click on "register" to get started.

Over the summer athletes can register and play in any grass or sand tournament that they desire.  We attend the American River and Sierra College grass tournaments to support our local college volleyball programs.  For the grass tournaments boys and girls competition are on Saturdays and all levels play at the same location in their appropriate divisions.  The athletes also have opportunities to win prizes and or medals for 1st, 2nd, and sometimes 3rd place in their division.  Sundays are the reverse coed tournaments where a girl and a boy compete together on a woman’s net and the boys have to hit behind the 10 foot line.  It is fun for the athletes to pair up and push each other on these days if they choose.  These tournaments are a great day for athletes to compete and have the opportunity to watch college and higher level athletes compete.  They are days in the sun with fun, lots of competition, and a great learning day for young athletes.  The sand tournaments run every weekend and are age specific.  You may go to VolleyNation.com to take a look at the grass summer schedule and precisionsandvolleyball.com to see when your athlete’s age division play and to sign up for any sand tournaments.