2017 Summer Volleyball Training Program

     ​It is that time of year again and we are excited to announce some quality changes to our summer program!!!  We will be bringing in Coach Camille Gutierrez as our setter specialist, Coach Alberto Lopez and Coach Adrian Griffith as our defensive specialist. They all bring beneficial knowledge and experience of both the indoor and outdoor game. 

      We are bringing back 20 minutes of strength training specifically designed to improve the athletes’ agility and speed, increase vertical jump, and create more powerful volleyball specific movements.  Girls will get a series of skill repetition and competition as well!
     We are offering sand and grass doubles this summer designed for both boys and girls at all levels. The sand is a great place to become physically stronger and the grass keeps the timing and skills more on track with the indoor game.  The grass tournaments are a great way for the athletes to watch and learn from higher competition, meet some college level athletes, win some prizes and medals, receive competition coaching, and have the option to play in a higher division.  One of the best ways to get better is to be challenged and play against higher level competition!